Have more ideas to share? If you're not sure how to post them, email me! (KimberlyS. Wise)Keep a Data Notebook

  • Include a copy of our Essential Standards
  • Include copies of your assessments (Playing Tests: a brief description of what was tested)
  • Print assessment grades from NCWise and SmartMusic
  • Print original student scores, then Retest scores to show growth.
  • Keep original & retake recordings of student playing tests to go along with their printed scores.
  • Create graphs of Individual Student Growth and/or Class Mastery (see below)

Post data in your classroom!

  • Motivate students to raise scores - post class/section (NOT individual) assessment averages
  • Change average as retakes are done, and they will make it a competition.

Pre & Post Data - to show individual & class growth

  • Can be the EXACT same test! If your post-test is mearsuring what they've learned... give your students the test at the beginning to find out what they already know. Then, you can adjust your lessons to better meet your students' needs.